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Bone marrow: from grandma’s kitchen to a culinary delicatessen

Bone marrow

A dish that used to be considered inedible for its high fat content, today is one of the stars in Haute cuisine. We are talking about bone marrow.

Marrow is the inner part of animal bones, its texture is greasy, whitish coloured,  spongy and tasty. It has an intense flavour and is widely used in Gourmet cuisine.

Discerning palates, also demand marrow; which can be prepared in many ways that go from simple to complex. A good source of vitamins and minerals, increasing its culinary value for the most experienced chefs.

Some of the ways to present it are as starter, tapas or main course too. It can be eaten by itself, seasoning with salt, or cook it in a more elaborate decadent stew. All you need is a small fork to get to the deepest part of the bone and enjoy all that’s inside.

The taste of Bone marrow is slightly creamy with a subtle sweet touch, undoubtedly delicious. Its popularity is reflected in the high demand for this item in highly recognized kitchens.

Try it in Rosa Negra as part of our new creations. It is prepared with  Arbol pepper salsa and  served with burnt tortillas.

If you haven’t tried this delicacy, trust me you are missing a dish that is literally in everyone’s mouth. Don’t let anyone tell you, come and experience for yourself.

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