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restaurantes en Los Cabos
Grupo RosaNegra

Discover Advantage Program 

If you'reconcierge, travel agent, or tourism professional Looking to elevate your service, Grupo RosaNegra's Advantage Program is your exclusive access to a network of Restaurants, BeachClubs, Nightclubs and Events, where each recommendation becomes a memorable experience for your clients and a tangible reward for you!


advantage network in los cabos: maximize your benefits with rosanegra group

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With our Advantage Network, tourism professionals in Los Cabos can enjoy exclusive advantages and tools. Access a platform that facilitates reservations, commission monitoring and provides promotional material to enrich the proposals to your clients in this luxury destination.

Step 1

Application for membership in the program

Step 2

How to receive payment of your commissions

Step 3

How to make restaurant reservations

your bookings, your rewards: efficiency and benefit at every step

By joining the Advantage Program from RosaNegra Group and downloading our app, you'll gain access to a platform designed to maximize your efficiency and benefits:

general information and important dates 

  • START OF RESERVATIONS THROUGH THE APP: Starting Tuesday, February 6, all reservations must be made exclusively through the App. The Chatbot, Restaurant Podiums and Call Center will no longer take commissionable reservations.

  • RESERVATIONS ALREADY EXISTING: Reservations already confirmed, for dates between February 6 and 18 at midnight, will remain valid and will be paid under the previous system.

  • RELOADING RESERVATIONS: Reservations for dates from February 19 onwards must be reloaded through the App by the affiliate. We will support you by sending therelationship of the same. 

  • ACCOUNT OPENING IN PAYMENT MARKET:Quick and simple online process, lasting approximately 5 minutes. For more information:

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frequent questions

How and when do I receive my commissions?

The consumption cut will be weekly, from Monday to Sunday. Commissions will be paid on Friday or Monday of the immediately following week  to consumption.

Can anyone be affiliated with the program?

No, employees, former employees and family members of Grupo RosaNegra employees cannot be members.

What happens if there is no availability for the reservation I want to make?

The app will provide you with alternative schedule options or suggest other branches with availability.

What happens to reservations made for dates between February 6 and 19?

These reservations will remain valid and will be paid under the previous system of transfers or cash payments.

How do I ensure my commission is processed correctly?

It is your responsibility to ensure that the reservation information is accurate and complete, so that your commission is delivered in a timely manner. Make sure you select the correct branch, date and time.

What is the initial commission for reservations?

The initial commission is 10% of the client's total consumption before taxes and not including the tip.

How will my affiliate status be determined?

On May 1, 2024, the total consumption generated will be counted and you will be assigned the affiliate category and the corresponding benefits and commissions.

Is it necessary to have a Mercado Pago account to receive my commissions?

Yes, a Mercado Pago account is essential to receive your commissions. If you already have an account in Mercado Libre, you automatically have one in Mercado Pago; Otherwise, you can create one easily and for free in Mercado Pago. This account can be linked to your usual bank for instant and free transfers, functioning as a personal account or as a link to your bank.

Can I credit my commissions to a third party?

Yes, you can transfer your income to a third party with a Mercado Pago account, remaining under your exclusive responsibility.

How are payments managed for VIP areas of beach clubs, experiences, groups and events?

For the moment, payments for Beach Club VIP areas, experiences, groups and events will continue to be made through your Public Relations (PR). We are working to soon incorporate these services into the Advantage PrograM app, which will make the reservation and payment process for these exclusive experiences even easier.

What should I do if my validation in the app is done with a passport?

If you are using your passport for validation, you must take a photo of the front of your passport and upload it as a second image. This ensures that your ID is verified correctly and facilitates the validation process in the app.

What do I do if I can't use my cell phone at work to access the app?

If you can't use your cell phone during work, don't worry. We have a PC version of the Advantage Program app. You can easily access it by visiting This version offers you all the functionalities of the mobile app, ensuring that you can manage your reservations and commissions without problems.

Can I use the Advantage Program by Grupo RosaNegra app on an iPad or Tablet?

Yes, the same Advantage Program by Grupo RosaNegra app that you use on your cell phone is fully functional on iPad or Tablet devices. This offers you the flexibility to manage your reservations and commissions from the device of your choice, facilitating access and convenience of use on different screen sizes.

Can I share my account on multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, you can share your account with other coworkers and the same user can be open on different devices simultaneously. This facilitates collaboration and efficiency in work teams, allowing several team members to manage reservations and supervise commissions at the same time.

How long does it take to validate my membership request in the app?

Request validations are typically responded to within minutes during business hours. We strive to ensure an agile and efficient process so that you can start using the app and enjoy its benefits as soon as possible.

How does the process work if I receive my commission in the form of gift certificates?

If you choose to receive your commission in gift certificates, you must continue using the app to upload reservations. Your Public Relations (PR) will deliver gift certificates to you as usual. The value of these certificates will be reflected in your account balance in the app, ensuring that you have a clear and up-to-date record of your commissions.

Can I make changes to the branch, date and time of a reservation through the app?

At the moment, it is not possible to make changes to the branch, date and time of a reservation directly through the app. If you need to make any changes, you must cancel the existing reservation and make a new one. However, we are working on this functionality and plan to activate it by March.

What is the limit of people for the reservations that I can make through the app?

Reservations made through the Advantage Program by Grupo RosaNegra app can be for a maximum of up to 20 people. If you need to make a reservation for a larger group, you must contact your Public Relations (PR), who will offer you the different options available to handle large group reservations.

What are the operating hours of the app to make reservations?

The Advantage Program by Grupo RosaNegra app works from 9 am to 11 pm, Cancun time. If you make a reservation outside of these hours, it will be confirmed the next day through the app.

What should I do if I work in a hotel and want to register it in the app?

If you work in a hotel and want to register it in the app, it is important that you enter the full name of the hotel and the city where it is located. This ensures that we have the correct information about the Hotel branch,  for any communication or management related to your reservations and commissions.

craft open fire kitchen:

New Culinary Gem in Cabo

Introducing our latest addition in Cabo: Craft, Open Fire Kitchen. This new restaurant elevates the art of open-fire cooking, offering creative dishes and smoky flavors on a rooftop with the best view of the sea. Get ready for a culinary journey that celebrates the authenticity of ingredients, the freshness of the sea, and the magic of fire.


RosaNegra Cabo

Best Restaurant

Latin American Cuisine

Parole San Jose del Cabo

Theatrical Restaurant

Italian Coastal Seafood

Mamazzita Cabo


Funky Geisha Cabo
Funky Geisha

Restaurant & Shisha Bar

Asian Cuisine & Street Food

Taboo Cabo
Taboo restaurant

Trendy Restaurant 

Mediterranean Seafood

Chambao San Jose del Cabo

Sexiest Fashion Grillhouse


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If you work in the tourism sector in Mexico City, we invite you to collaborate with Grupo RosaNegra. Fill out the form to start discovering the advantages of our network, and a member of our team will contact you to provide more information and address any questions.

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