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3 drinks to try at RosaNegra

Mixology at RosaNegra

In addition to the outstanding food, RosaNegra has a diverse and exclusive menu of signature cocktails. All of its drinks were inspired by Latin American alchemy, honoring the countries to which RosaNegra pays tribute, such as Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina. 

Each ingredient, each presentation tells a story and is part of an experience created for your senses. 

Rosanegra is an attraction in Cancun for many reasons: its menu, exclusive ingredients, desserts, shows and the incredible views of the nichupté lagoon, don't miss this experience paired by new flavors.

These are 3 of the must-try drinks for your next visit. 



Clandestino is a cocktail created with Cachaza Pitú, the most important distilled drink in Brazil. The origin of the spirit dates back to ancient times of colonization, its main ingredient is sugar cane.

Clandestino mixes cachaça with grapefruit Oleo Saccharum and other surprise ingredients that create the perfect mix to pair with a ceviche or tiradito. 


Naughty Bird

Do you want a drink with an original and unique presentation? Naughty Bird is ideal  for you.

This cocktail contains Ciroc vodka, limoncello and blackberry, it’s refreshing with the right amount of sweetness. The glass is bird-shaped just as the name suggests and is perfect for that Instagram photo. 



A cocktail with tequila was essential. Explore the flavors of Malquerida, a cocktail with Tequila Don Julio Blanco infused with dried chilies and beet syrup, among other ingredients that make the perfect balance. 


RosaNegra is the best restaurant in Cancun to celebrate, try new dishes and live unforgettable nights. 


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