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Ceviches & Tiraditos you must try

Peruvian ceviches

RosaNegra is a tribute to Latin American cuisine and our venue in Satélite is the perfect place to enjoy fresh seafood and innovative recipes. Our menu includes a great selection of ceviches, tiraditos and sashimis inspired by Mexican, Peruvian and Colombian cuisine.

Dare to try them all. 


Conch Tiradito 

Enjoy the soft flavors of white conch with chipotle sauce, citrus vinaigrette and avocado.  Pair this tiradito with your favorite cocktail, you will love this combination. 

Tuna sashimi

Fresh tuna sashimi is always a good idea. This is one of our most fantastic dishes, it has avocado, Thai chili and serrano pepper and sriracha aioli. This is one of our most popular dishes. 


Peruvian ceviche

Try our take on Peruvian ceviche and enjoy its fresh taste. This ceviche has choclo, leche de tigre, sweet potato, cancha and serrano pepper. An amazing combination for your palate. 


Ceviche sampler

Want a bit of everything? This dish is perfect to try Peruvian ceviche, as well as octopus and white conch ceviche. An excellent way to taste all the flavors of the sea in RosaNegra Satélite. 


Salmon coconut ceviche

This ceviche not only has an incredible presentation, but also a unique flavor. Enjoy this slightly spicy ceviche with basil, coconut milk and cherry tomato. 

The combination of ingredients will delight your senses in an extraordinary way. 

If you’re looking where to eat in Satélite, which is also a unique place to try new flavors, RosaNegra is the best option.

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