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Do you know the origin of the 'carajillo' and its peculiar name?

carajillo in RosaNegra

After an excellent meal, a complement for dessert is always necessary to be 100% satisfied.

The 'carajillo' is one of the most sought-after digestifs by those who know how to enjoy the pleasures of life. Its creamy flavor at a good temperature with ice gives a comforting sensation that doesn't feel heavy on the stomach at all.

But the delicious drink wasn't always leisurely consumed after finishing a meal.

The origin of the 'carajillo' has different versions. One of them dates back to revolutionary times in Cuba when Spanish soldiers mixed brandy with coffee to give themselves 'corajillo' (courage) before entering combat.

Another version, and the most accepted one according to the Barcelona Encyclopedia, explains that the 'carajillo' is an invention of the Barcelonés region that managed to spread throughout Spain. Every morning, slaves were given a 'carajo,' a coffee with rum, to motivate them with joy and energy during their workdays.

The last hypothesis comes from the transportation workers in Barcelona, who didn't have time to drink their coffee and liquor separately. They chose to mix them in a single glass to meet their punctuality requirements. While sipping their drinks, they would say the expression 'Que Ara Quillo,' in Catalan, meaning 'I'm leaving now.' This is where the name 'Carajillo' comes from.

Regardless of the origin, what matters is the delightful tradition of drinking a refreshing 'Carajillo' and sharing an evening with friends or a partner. At RosaNegra, we prepare it at your table, serving brandy and coffee with a delightful aroma and a unique presentation that reflects the personality of our concept.

Enjoy with us and have a 'Carajillo' at RosaNegra.

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