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Funky Geisha, a tribute to Tulum, now opens its doors in Cancun

Funky Geisha Cancun with lagoon view

A new concept has born in the heart of Cancun that offers a unique experience, and it’s attracting many people, since it’s located at km 15 of the hotel zone, surrounded by the mangrove and reclining on the peaceful waters of the beautiful Nichupte lagoon, and this place is called Funky Geisha Cancun.

The atmosphere is fun, the scene is splendid, and more than an Asian restaurant in Cancun with appetizing dishes inspired by the streets of the East, Funky Geisha is a new hot spot where design provokes, drinks incite and the ambiance seduces. The impact achieved during its opening in Tulum was successful enough to recreate it now in Cancun.

Its architecture says it all, explore the jungle rusticity with touches of sophistication.

Funky Geisha rescues the essential East decoration with natural materials such as wood, wicker, bamboo and stone, embellished with candle lights, that add a magical and colorful glow to the sunset over the Nichupte lagoon. The perfect setting for unforgettable memories.

Funky Geisha captivates with its mysticism through different sensations during the night, its  vivid DJ music and the Taiko Drum Show symbolizes the universe and the pulse that sets all things in motion in life.  And along with the mystical atmosphere, the most popular Asian dishes are served at the table like samosas from India; nigiris, makis, and other ones from Japan like hamachi; as well as spectacular curries from Thailand and the lacquered duck from China.

One of the main focuses of its menu, also rests on vegan food. We offer classic oriental dishes with fresh ingredients and techniques that the consumer desires, like mushroom curry, vegetable yakimeshi, beet tiradito, robata grilled okra, and many others destined for a growing community of vegan restaurant lovers.

Chef Osamu Deai, who leads this creative Asian cuisine, traveled to various parts of the world before taking the lead in an eloquent gastronomy, which highlights Asian cuisine, and the company that gave rise to it: Grupo RosaNegra.

Enjoy a feast of enchanting flavors, and let a mystical experience take you to a sweet finale, with unbeatable desserts like magma cake with vanilla ice cream on warm chocolate brownie. On the other hand, we also have an amazing alchemy of mixology that draws on many bold wonders, when assembling flavors and cocktails like Pineapple and Lemon Juice Bhakti.

Funky Geisha has reached Cancun’s heart, captivating, surprising and exciting, but above all, to paying a respectful tribute to Asian Street food and the mystical environment embracing Tulum.

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