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Travel to Cancun and discover the Mexican Caribbean

Mexican Caribbean

Cancun is one of the most fascinating and paradisiacal destinations in the world, year after year it welcomes thousands of travelers from different countries who come to discover all the city and the surroundings have to offer. 

Just by looking at the sea it’s easy to understand its popularity, however we will share with you some reasons to travel to Cancun and discover the magic of the Mexican Caribbean.


Incredible beaches

The color of Cancun's sea is simply unmatched and one of the most incredible in the world. 

The beach is the ideal place to spend the day, relax, swim, snorkel, kayak, paddleboard and several water activities, offering options for all tastes and personalities. 

You can relax by the beach with the drink of your choice, or explore the underwater world and choose activities with more adrenaline. In Cancun you will always find something fun to do. 


Mayan culture

You will find many archaeological sites near Cancun such as Chichen Itza, Tulum, Coba, San Miguelito and El Meco to name a few. 

Each site hides a different story and will leave you amazed with its natural scenery, surrounded by wild vegetation and even cenotes. Plan your itinerary and immerse yourself in the ancient history of the Mayan civilization. 


Proximity to other cities and beaches

Cancun is the perfect meeting point to discover the surroundings, Playa del Carmen is only 68 kilometers away, Akumal 92 kilometers, Tulum 130 kilometers and Merida 288 kilometers. This proximity allows travelers to discover other cities and attractions, creating interesting itineraries that include days at the beach, archeological sites, colonial cities, cenotes, parks and much more. 



In addition to local delicacies, you can discover the best of international cuisine in enviable locations. Discover extraordinary culinary experiences in Grupo RosaNegra restaurants, their innovative and exceptional menus will take you on a journey of sensations, exploring unparalleled flavors. 

In addition to its gastronomic proposal, you will find entertainment, music, live happenings and much more. Visit the best restaurants in Cancun and find your favorite. 


This is the sign you need to plan and book that trip you've been longing for.

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