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What is the vegan diet?

vegan diet

There are as many recipes and ingredients as people in this world. Precisely, diversity in the kitchen is one of the most enriching points when it comes to preparing original dishes that will delight everyone. Thus, in recent years, a philosophy of life that directly affects our tables has spread throughout the planet: veganism.

Beyond a simple diet or a fad, veganism implies a whole lifestyle that has to do with the awareness of our environment and how we coexist with nature. In a strict sense, it is about avoiding the exploitation of animals in the food, footwear, cosmetic and textile industries, as well as being against activities that could cause them suffering.

One of its most notorious manifestations is food. The vegan diet refers to the elimination of the consumption of meat, fish, dairy, eggs, and honey, in such a way that only the ingestion of products of plant and organic origin is allowed.

For the same reason, some people confuse veganism with vegetarianism. The main difference is that vegetarians eliminate animal products, but not those that come from them. That is why veganism is considered part of vegetarianism, but with its characteristics.

It was precisely this differentiation that motivated the Englishman Donald Watson to found the Vegan Society in 1944, where he coined the term and unified the vegan philosophy based on the lifestyle that he had followed for 20 years after he grew up in a farm and was against the treatment of animals there.

This is the starting point for this movement, which has grown significantly in recent years. In the United States, in 2017, a study published that 6 percent of consumers openly declared themselves vegan, representing a growth of 500 percent since 2014. The same report indicates that 44 percent of Germans declared following a "low-meat" diet compared to 26 percent in 2014.

Although it is a reality that most conscientious vegans tend to lead a healthy lifestyle, most nutritionists agree that some of the foods that they avoid contain certain nutrients that should be obtained in other ways in addition to the recommendation of eating in the most varied way possible and including food supplements with vitamin B12, vitamin D, and iodine, in addition to Omega 3.

Therefore, vegetarian diets are rich in vegetables, cereals, legumes, sprouts, soybeans, and nuts. From these ingredients, you can make your combinations and recipes that sometimes emulate foods of animal origin, such as soy meat or almond milk.

Many of these recipes are delicious! For this reason, among Rosa Negra's special dishes, we have various options for diners who follow this way of life. Our vegan menu includes everything from an exquisite portobello carpaccio to a vegan burger, including organic Josper vegetables, tinga tostadas, and soursop salad. We have options for all tastes!

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